Treatment & Disposal

Treatment may be defined as the process that changes the character of hazardous waste to render them less hazardous or non-hazardous. Treatment renders wasteunrecognizable and may or may not reduce volume.  Treatment of biomedical waste depends upon the nature, volume of the waste and the selected technology (i.e. it is technologically and economically viable and environmentally sound) and meets regulatory standards & public acceptance. Sometimes pre-treatment of waste may be required before storage/ transportation or disposal of BMW. This may be required at the site of generation or at another site in the hospital, collection centre, disposal area, etc., for a number of reasons which includes (a) reducing the bulk in order to reduce requirements for storage and transportation (b) disinfecting the waste so that it is no longer a source of pathogenic microorganisms; (c) making recyclable items unusable e.g. cutting syringes and damaging the needles; (d) meeting the obligations of BMWM Rules etc., e.g. not using chlorine disinfectants for items that are to be incinerated.

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