1. Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Govt of India
  2. Central Pollution Control Board
  3. Waste and Resource Management (WaRM) group of Centre for Environment Education (CEE)
  4. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, (MoHFW) Govt of India
  5. World Health Organisation (WHO)
  6. UNDP- GEF – Global Healthcare Waste Project –India
  7. Health Care Waste Management (HCWM) Cell, Dept of Community Medicine, M.S. Ramaiah Medical College (MSRMC)
  8. Toxics link
  9. Indian Society of Hospital Waste Management
  10. National Solid Waste Association of India (NSWAI)
  11. Indira Gandhi National Open University



08. __Toxics link

Toxics Link is an environmental NGO, dedicated to bring toxics related information into the public domain, both relating to struggles and problems at the grassroots as well as global information to the local levels. The organisation work with other groups around the country as well as internationally in an understanding that this will help bring the experience of the ground to the fore, and lead to a more meaningful articulation of issues. Toxics Link also engages in on-the ground work especially in areas of municipal, hazardous and medical waste management and food safety among others. Working in networks, utilising community outreach and education, policy analysis, research, training and program development, the organisation work at the state and central levels to help create solutions, which are driven by the needs of people.

Toxics Link has a unique expertise in the areas of hazardous, medical and municipal wastes, as well as in specific issues such as the international waste trade, and the emerging issues of pesticides and POPs. In the area of biomedical waste management, Toxics Link’s (TL) goal is to develop standardised training modules and get waste management included in medical and para-medical curriculum. To spread awareness, TL has conducted many Training of Trainers (ToT) programmes all around the country, in association with various hospitals and Pollution Control Boards/ Committees. Recurrent feedback has established the need for comprehensive documented information and resource material.

In India, Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) a global coalition of over 450 organisations in over 50 Countries, has partnered with Toxics Link. HCWH has over ten years experience in working on medical waste issue as well as helping to substitute mercury, PVC and other toxic substances, and initiating a green buildings programme and  works to transform the global healthcare industry so that it is no longer a source of harm to patients, carers, the community or the environment.

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